• St.Peter Claver High School,Dodoma
    The Home of Learning,Loving and Service!
  • The many smiles of unity!
  • Together in Learning and serving!
    Changing youth into Men and Women for others.
  • The smiles,The Love ,The Unity!
  • Leaders at our service
    Building solders in service.
  • A suitable environment is the begining of academic exellence.


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St.Peter Claver High School is a Jesuit high school established in 2011 located 15 km from the center of the Capital City of Tanzania, Dodoma in close proximity to Dodoma main bus terminal. It is a Catholic school run by the Order of The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) centered in Rome, Italy. 

The school does not only offer quality education for academic excellence, but also builds and prepares young men and women to be good soldiers of Love, Peace, Unity, Service, Kindness as well as agents of development in the society as the motto says "To Learn, To Love, To Serve".

It has conducive environment for students to excel as it has a self-dependent library for self studying, capable of accommodating more then 150 students at the same time,  quality laboratories as well as areas for personal studies(PS). The school accepts only boarding students who are well supplied with daily meals and safe water not forgetting professional health care.

Being a Catholic school, more especially  a Jesuit High School, Students are subjected to Daily Eucharistic Celebrations (Holy Mass) so as to build and strengthen their relationship with God. This builds a sense of unity and togetherness among all students of all kinds. The school chapel has an outside and inside beautiful view as well as having enough space to accommodate more than 1,500 students at the same time

Apart from academics, The school enriches and builds students with talents by engaging in inter-school activities and competitions in Sports, debates, and talents shows which improves the physical health as well as God given talents which serve the community.

St.Peter Claver Community welcomes all young men and women to join our joyous community in doing God's will by Learning, Loving and Serving others.


School Vision

The vision of St. Peter Claver high school is to graduate young men and women who are:

  • -Intellectually competent
  • -Religious
  • -Loving
  • -Committed to doing Justice
  • -Open to growth

 School Motto:

"To learn, To love, To serve."

School Slogan:

"Success is not an option, but an expectation."