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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote faith and justice in dialogue with other faiths and cultures by employing quality education to our young soldiers. We also aim to promote the holistic reconciliation with God, creation, all women and men, and the fullness of life as the family of God in Africa.We learn by loving and serving the needy so as to create a better community.

Core Values:

  • We are companions in Christ’s mission
  • We embody compassion for Christ’s poor
  • We are available for the Magis
  • We are a discerning apostolic body

Characteristics of a Jesuit Education:

 MagisLiterally translated “more.” This is the challenge to strive for excellence.

Women & Men for and with Others: Sharing gifts, pursuing justice, and having concern for the poor and marginalized.

 Cura Personalis“Care for the individual person.” Respecting each person as a child of God and all of God’s creations.

 Unity of Heart, Mind, & Soul: Developing the whole person. Integrating all aspects of our lives.

 Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (AMDG): “For the Greater Glory of God.”

Forming & Educating Agents of Change: Teaching behaviors that reflect critical thought and responsible action on moral and ethical issues